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Cyclone Gabrielle Update

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

First, we hope you are all able to stay safe during the disruptions from Cyclone Gabrielle.

We're monitoring the situation in the North Island regarding Cyclone Gabrielle. All School-links and Beep4Business systems are currently operating normally.

Some places without power are starting to experience mobile network outages, so text message and mobile data coverage may become spotty. Poor weather will slow the recovery of some of these service and as a result some messages will inevitably be unable to be delivered.

We recommend sending communications on all available channels where possible to maximise the chance of delivery.

If you need support or can't access our services via a computer or smartphone and need us to send a message out for you, we are available via the following channels:


  • 0800 333 480 at any time 24/7

  • If you're having trouble contacting our 0800 number you can also contact Kim Hetherington (Technical Support) on 027 286 5993

Kia Kaha,

The School-links team.

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