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Newsletters and Notices

Delivering e-newsletters directly into parents’ inboxes saving time, money and trees.
School-links Newsletters and Notices

“Our Friday update notifies parents of the week’s upcoming events and any relevant notices straight into their inbox. We have found the benefits of cost saving on paper and supporting our school’s commitment to sustainable practices extremely positive." – Albany Primary School.

Save time, money and resources

Reduces papers costs and offers a more efficient use of office staff time: two clicks to broadcast to the entire school and community.

Get past the spam folders

Over 75% of email is spam - don’t get caught out. We constantly tune School-links to ensure messages deliver to inboxes, not spam folders.

Generate revenue

Select hand-picked advertisers that will create an ongoing fundraising income stream for your school.

Create quickly and easily

  • HTML format with a professional look and feel

  • Pre-formatting for portable devices and cell phones

  • An array of colour options to reflect your school branding to broadcast to the entire school and community.

Want to learn more?

Enquire now - call 0800 333 480

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