School-links is the leading communications tool in the education sector in New Zealand. School-links delivers hundreds of thousands of important messages every month across New Zealand. Most clients use a number if not all of the features built in to School-links. Here is what some of our primary, secondary and early childhood clients have to say about the features, the benefits and the service offered by School-links.

On engaging with the community

"Parents are always requesting more information from the school about what their sons are doing because the boys don’t tell them. There’s been a total paradigm shift. Notices that were sent home in the boys’ school bags rarely made it into the hands of a parent. Now, with School-links we can contact parents directly."

School-links Otago Boys' High School testimonial

Dougal McGowan

Deputy Rector of Otago Boys' High School

"We also use School-links every week to send out our regular school newsletter.  The obvious beneficiaries are parents who receive a full-colour account of what’s been happening at school and upcoming events delivered directly to their inbox. They are delighted with the change from the black and white, banana-smeared paper copies that they have to prise out from student bags."

Birkenhead College testimonial

Kate Fuller

Director e-Learning at Birkenhead College

On saving time:

"The process of contacting all parents and caregivers at short notice to advise about Parent Voice meetings, union meetings, parent-teacher interviews, school-wide health issues and a range of other situations has been greatly streamlined and office staff workload lessened."

Bernard Harris

Senior Manager at Freyberg High School

Freyberg High School testimonial

On saving money:

"We have found the newsletter facility great and it has saved us a lot of money and time as we no longer have to print, distribute and send home paper copies."

Shirley Hardcastle

Principal at Devonport School

"However we (the school) consider ourselves to be the real winners, as we save so much on photocopying (although we still print a small number for families with no computer access) and deliver with a push of a button, rather than more pedestrian delivery methods."

Kate Fuller

Director e-Learning at Birkenhead College

Devonport School testimonial
Birkenhead College endorsement

On ease of use:

"The software is intuitive and easy to use and requires only brief professional development in order to train staff in its use."

Dave Leith

Deputy Principal at Hillmorton High School

Hillmorton High School testimonial

"The programme is very easy to use and I would highly recommend this service for any sized school a great asset."

Joanne Hookway

Office Administrator at Blockhouse Bay Intermediate School

Blockhouse Bay Intermediate School testimonial

On access anywhere, anyhow, anytime:

"For the last set of report meetings I sat down on a Saturday morning and sent out one bulk text to all the parents I wanted to see and within a few minutes I had 10 parents who had replied to me."

Doug Ewing

Deputy Principal, Whanganui City College

Whanganui City College testimonial

On tailoring the content:

"As a boarding & day school our communication varies to different families and it is essential that we get information out to parents to inform them of the terms events, sports draws or cancellations and any other necessary information.  School-links provides us the ease of sending the correct communication to the right people easily."

Rachael Proudfoot

Executive Assistant at Waihi School

Waihi School testimonial

On School-links support:

"I look after the IT in the school and I think that the School-links ‘help desk’ is wonderful.  The staff work away at any glitches or ‘challenges’ that we provide and either come up with a solution, or take our recommendations for the next upgrade.  It’s wonderful having a dedicated team of patient, knowledgeable people who are always just a phone call away. Many thanks School-links!"

Birkenhead College support

Kate Fuller

Director e-Learning at Birkenhead College

Sandy Hastings

Principal at Beckenham School

"School-links support is easy to access and we have enjoyed the professional and responsive relationship we have developed with this company."

"I've just really enjoyed the people that work for School-links. They’re very helpful and can never do enough to help us, which is fantastic, as no matter how silly your question is, they always make you feel like it’s a good question. I really enjoy what they do for us, and that’s what is most important as far as we’re concerned."

Dougal McGowan

Deputy Rector of Otago Boys' High School

"Thank you for all the help and guidance you have given me. I have learnt a lot and felt really comfortable communicating with you. I know you always say it's part of the job and I say the same to others but truly you have been amazing and very patient."

Monita Prasad

Receptionist/Administrator of Papatoetoe Central School

Beckenham School about School-links
School-links Otago Boys' High School
Papatoetoe Central School testimonial

On the Features:

Emergency Alerts

"Just wanted you to know how great School-links is. We had a really big earthquake before.

I put a message out straight away to say everyone was safe and I am inundated with replies from parents to say how they so much appreciated it. "

Halswell School testimonial

Viv Mill

Principal's Secretary at Halswell School

"One School-links email that cannot be measured in monetary value was when an unexpected tornado hit the Albany basin. Within 10 minutes of the tornado passing through our area (just as the 3.p.m. bell had rung) we were able to reassure all our parents through School-links that all children and our school were safe. Many parents told us that as they were hearing and seeing reports of the devastation and damage and phone lines were jammed,  a simple reassuring email and text to let them know all our children were safe was invaluable."

Albany Primary School emergency alerts testimonial

Maree Bathurst

Principal at Albany Primary School

Attendance Management

"The number one benefit to using School-links is the immediacy and the convenience of contacting parents for attendance matters. Rather than calling parents when a child is absent, secretarial staff send a text to parents about the issues. Email is a bit beyond where our parents are at as they’re mostly connected to texting on their cell phones – so texting is the most effective way to get a hold of them."

Wanganui City College attendance management

Doug Ewing

Deputy Principal, Wanganui City College

Event Management

"The process of contacting all parents and caregivers at short notice to advise about Parent Voice meetings, union meetings, parent-teacher interviews, school-wide health issues and a range of other situations has been greatly streamlined and office staff workload lessened.

The use of School-links to contact targeted sports and cultural groups with information specific to their members is also on the increase. School-links software supports Freyberg High School in its goal to be innovative, caring and excellent as it strives to be the best secondary school for all of its students."

Freyberg High School event management

Bernard Harris

Senior Manager at Freyberg High School

Parent Interviews

"School-links Parent-Teacher Interview booking system has enabled us to target and begin to track our rate of attendance at learning conferences, resulting in us achieving over 95% attendance in 2012."

Sandy Hastings

Principal at Beckenham School

"It has ensured that Parent-Teacher evenings are a joy to organise. The parents LOVE being able to book their own appointments online, rather than relying on their kids to run round with chewed-up bits of paper booking wildly inappropriate times for them.  The evening itself runs very smoothly, with everyone literally ‘on the same page’. "

Kate Fuller

Director e-Learning at Birkenhead College

Beckenham School parent interviews
Birkenhead College parent interviews


"We are able to email out our school newsletter now to over 350 families - instead of printing these four pages each week - saving us money in paper and copying costs, and providing a much more reliable method of communication than children's bags usually afford."

Beckenham School newsletters

Sandy Hastings

Principal at Beckenham School

"Kiwi Kids Preschool has been using School-links for over a year now and it is fantastic.

Being able to send colourful, exciting newsletters and messages to our parents without the printing cost has been very valuable. By emailing newsletters and messages we are reassured that all parents have up to date information. We highly recommend School-links to any preschool wanting a cost effective and practical way of communicating with parents."

Kiwi Kids Preschool newsletters

Desley Eastwick

Centre Manager at Kiwi Kids Preschool

"Once parents dredged through the bottom of a school bag for weekly newsletter but now our Friday update notifies them of the week’s upcoming events and any relevant notices straight into their inbox. They can then click on the relevant links or school website for further information. We have found the dual benefits of not only cost saving on paper but also knowing we are supporting our schools commitment to sustainable practices extremely positive."

Albany Primary School newsletters and notices

Maree Bathurst

Principal at Albany Primary School

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