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Dunedin North Intermediate says School-links text alerts are ‘life-changing’:  “We use it for anything urgent. It saves my time and more importantly we know that everyone has got the message.”

Anne McLean

Office Administrator, Dunedin North Intermediate

On Text Messaging

“It is definitely worth giving text messaging a go. Everyone checks their phones, not so many check their emails!”

“The beauty is that there is no app required. Parents have enough apps in their lives!”

“Text is more reliable than emails. We have groups set up for everything from bus comms to sports teams so we just text if practices are cancelled.”

Richard Buckland

Deputy Principal, Hora Hora School

Debbie Bradley

Office Manager, Roxburgh Area School

Karen Reid

Principal’s Executive Assistant, Wellesley School

On Emergency Alerts


“Wherever we were we knew we could get a message out quickly. We used School-links to communicate the facts and stomp on the rumours. Parents knew exactly what we were doing, whereas with some other schools there was a lot of confusion.”

Megan Chisholm

Office Administrator, Newlands School


“It was absolutely amazing using the [Emergency Alerts] app and directly on-line. We sent separate messages to our staff, and to caregivers.  Emails and texts were used. It worked faultlessly and kept everyone well informed. A great outcome.”

Massey Primary School

Water Outage

“I texted the whole school at 7.15am to notify them of a school closure. It was the perfect tool for this scenario when I needed to get a message out fast.”

Jenny Clark

Principal, Morrinsville Intermediate


“Without School-links communicating would have been onerous. We simply got the information from the Ministry of Education, personalised them, emailed them out and sent a text message asking parents to please check their emails. We had such positive feedback from our community. They found all our messaging to be relevant, on time and on point.”

Julie Dawick

Deputy Principal, Cambridge Middle School


"Within 10 minutes of the tornado passing through our area (just as the 3.p.m. bell had rung) we were able to reassure all our parents that all children were safe. Many parents told us that as they were hearing and seeing reports of the devastation and damage and phone lines were jammed, a simple reassuring text and email was invaluable."

Maree Bathurst

Principal, Albany Primary School


“I had to get the property checked so I needed to let the community know quickly that the school was not going to be open on that Monday morning. So I got my mobile, clicked on the School-links app, put in my password, composed a message and pushed send; it took less than a minute."

Jeremy Edwards

Principal, Northlands School

On Attendance

“Our families can be reluctant to engage for any number of reasons and texting was less intrusive than a phone call asking why children weren’t at school. We saw responses increase straight away.”

Richard Buckland

Deputy Principal, Hora Hora School

“I am finished with attendance by 10 o’clock meaning we quickly know all our children are safe and accounted for. Plus, it saves me at least three hours a week of admin time in a normal week, heaps more as we worked through COVID.”

Anne McLean

Office Administrator, Dunedin North Intermediate

“We can’t imagine managing attendance without the School-links EN system. With seventeen hundred students, it saves us hours every day. The messaging functionality has fast become an essential tool.”

Craig Scrimgeour

Deputy Principal, Hamilton Girls High School

On Newsletters

"We use School-links every week to send out our regular school newsletter. The obvious beneficiaries are parents who receive a full-colour account of what’s been happening at school and upcoming events delivered directly to their inbox.”

Kate Fuller

Director of IT at Birkenhead College

"Being able to send colourful, exciting newsletters and messages to our parents, we are reassured that all parents have up to date information. We highly recommend School-links to any preschool wanting a cost effective and practical way of communicating with parents."

Desley Eastwick

Early Childhood Centre Manager

“Our Friday update notifies parents of the week’s upcoming events and any relevant notices straight into their inbox. They can then click on the relevant links or school website. We have found the benefits of cost saving on paper and supporting our schools commitment to sustainable practices extremely positive."

Maree Bathurst

Principal at Albany Primary School

On Support

“School-links are fabulous to deal with, really down to earth and don’t make you feel silly, no matter the question.”

“School-links customer service is absolutely fantastic. I can ask them anything. No question is too silly, and they bend over backwards to help you. I highly recommend them.”

"Thank you for all the help and guidance you have given me. I have learnt a lot and felt really comfortable communicating with you. I know you always say it's part of the job and I say the same to others but truly you have been amazing and very patient."

Debbie Bradley

Office Manager, Roxburgh Area School

Craig Scrimgeour

Deputy Principal, Hamilton Girls High School

Monita Prasad

Receptionist/Administrator of Papatoetoe Central School


Woolston Pre-School in Christchurch

Cindy Watkins-Barlow

Early Childhood Centre, Blockhouse Bay

Tony Sears

Deputy Principal, Waiheke High School

Megan Chisholm

Office Administrator, Newlands School

Megan Chisholm

Office Administrator, Newlands School

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