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Want a set and forget way to raise funds for your school?
School-links fundraising

How it works

  1. We present to you a range of businesses and organisations that you can select for your newsletter and/or Facebook page that are seen to be supporting your school.

  2. School-links manages the advertising banner designs, layout and copy, and the businesses are billed monthly directly by School-links.

  3. A percentage of advertising revenue goes to your school for fundraising.

Where you already have business partners, it is even easier. Provide us with the name and contact details of the business and we’ll do the rest.

What will the ads look like?

Here are some examples of ads that are currently running for some of our School-links Fundraising clients.

School-links ARA ad
School-links University ad

Fundraising FAQs

How does it work?

The advertising will appear on:

  • all School-links generated newsletters and notices, i.e. when your administrators send out an email, the template is always the same - your logo up the top, message in the middle with perhaps an attachment or pdf file (e.g. your newsletter). Appearing at the bottom of the email will be one or two ads. The parent will then be able to click on the ad and be taken to the landing page or website of the advertiser.


  • as a post on your school Facebook page.

Do I have to pay for this service?

No. School-links Fundraising is completely FREE.

What will the ads look like on our newsletter?

School-links set and forget way to fundraise
School-links free fundraising

Do you know a business who may be interested in advertising on your school Facebook page? 

Because school newsletters can be different, we will happily show you a demo of how School-links Fundraising will look on your particular layout.

Want to learn more?

Enquire now - call 0800 333 480

School-links easy way to fundraise
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