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Looking to book interviews?

Visit the Parent Interviews booking site and enter the code supplied by your school.

Parent Interviews

Hours spent on Google Docs or Excel are history! 
School-links Parent Interviews

Save time & money

Reduce paper costs and make more efficient use of administrative and teaching staff time.

Simple to use

It’s easy to set up a timetable. Just pick your date, times, teachers, and how long each interview will be. Then send out a message to parents.

Watch the bookings arrive

Your parents will be delighted that they can book all their slots at times that suit them. No more chasing paper slips or double-up bookings with other siblings.

The Event

When it’s time for the event, just print out your booking timetable from Parent Interviews.


Choose the time duration that you want, enable optional teacher control of booking and break times, personalise the online booking system with school logo, colours and motto, and import data such as teachers, parents and parent contact details.

Personal and confidential

Not just for Parent/Teacher Interviews

Schools are using the booking system for other events e.g. uniform fittings, information evenings RSVP’s.

Easy to set up

Setting up your interview option:

The parent/caregiver timetable. This can be printed, downloaded, or saved direct to their calendar.

Parent interviews made easy
School-links parent interview bookings

Parents can add comments on the confidential booking form ensuring that they get what they need from the interview, and the teacher can prepare the information in advance.

Want to learn more?

Enquire now - call 0800 333 480

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