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APT Childcare Integration

Linking your APT system to your community
School-links APT Childcare Integration

“I’ve had a lot of feedback from families that it kept them up to date during COVID. Couldn’t rate School-links any higher.” – Preschool Manager.

Enhanced capability for APT users

The School-links/APT Childcare integration completes the circle between your APT System and your community.


  • Send texts directly from APT for cancellations, events, reminders or emergencies.

  • Remotely access the School-links Emergency Alerts app to send text alerts when unable to access premises

  • Receive delivery reports to see who may need a follow up phone call in emergency situations.

  • Review all sent messages and replies. Access a centre’s complete communication history.

Woolston Preschool

Blockhouse Bay Christian Kindergarten

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School-links APT
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