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For every school, communication
is critical.

Now, more than ever, it’s vital to have smart communication tools to connect staff, students and parents.

Instantly and effortlessly

share information on emergencies, absences, news, and events with your community using email, text, or Facebook™. School-links is secure and fully integrates with your school management software.

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School-links provides smart tools and integration to make school administration much easier

Emergency Alerts

Potentially with lives at stake, School-links allows you to send messages to staff, students and families, leaving you free to move on through your emergency procedures.

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Attendance Management

Spending hours on the phone chasing up unexplained absences? School-links notifies caregivers in minutes and their replies are sent to the SMS automatically.

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Newsletters and Notices

Share newsletters, updates and information via email, text, or Facebook™. You choose the group you want to share your news with and how you want to share it.

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Event Management

Send details out easily, collect RSVPs automatically and never panic about cancellations or postponements.

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KAMAR Integration

School-links completes the circle between your Student Management System and your community, allowing you to send and receive texts directly from KAMAR.

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APT Childcare Integration

The School-links/APT Childcare integration completes the circle between your APT System and your community.

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Feature business ads in your newsletters or on your school Facebook page and raise funds for your next school project through a portion of the advertising revenue.

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Parent Teacher Interviews

School-links notifies parents, they hop online, select teachers that they want to see, at times that suit them and add notes that they’d like to discuss.

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edge Integration

edge data is automatically synced and integrated into the School-links communication system.

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School-links data-syncs to your Student Management System – one database, many communication platforms


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Claire Blomfield

ICT Teacher, Woodstock School.

Meagan Chisholm

Office Manager, Newlands School.

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Community Alerts, keeping communities in touch

School-links Community ALERTS Directory provides school communities with a means of accessing information on events and emergencies, nationally and regionally.