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Early Notification in KAMAR

With School-links Early Notifications and KAMAR, you can send text message and email notifications to caregivers of absent children. Those caregivers can then reply straight from their mobile phones, or online from a link in the notification email, explaining the absence (or not!). Plus, with School-links, all replies appear directly in Absence Manager – you don’t have to find replies in your email inbox and copy data across.

Sending Notifications from within KAMAR

After marking your attendance within KAMAR, it’s really easy to send text and email notifications to the caregivers of absent children. Just press the Contact EN button. By default, KAMAR will send a notification to all available contact details for both primary caregivers.

sending notifications in KAMAR

You can also configure which contact details to send notifications to on a per caregiver basis from KAMAR’s Admin > Student Changes > Personal > Absence Manager tab.

What happens once you press the Contact EN button?

School-links begins the process of sending text messages and emails to caregivers of absent students, and collecting replies. We also collect delivery status reports for text messages so you’ll know when we couldn’t deliver the message.

In KAMAR, you’ll see a status indicating the notifications were sent for each student.


Notification messages usually take a couple of minutes to send out, plus another minute or two after parents send their replies in before they are available for KAMAR to collect.

School-links sending form to KAMAR
School-links KAMAR absentee

Replies and statuses directly in Absence Manager

School-links makes caregiver’s replies to text and email notifications, and any delivery report statuses, available to KAMAR. These appear directly in KAMAR’s Absence Manager, as below.

School-links KAMAR absentee replies

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our helpdesk.

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