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Text alerts for emergencies
& notices

Proven, fast, reliable and easy to use

“I texted the whole school at 7.15am to notify them of a school closure. It was the perfect tool for this scenario when I needed to get a message out fast.” – Morrinsville Intermediate.

Fast, reliable & easy to use

Delivers text alerts via a special emergency channel to staff, family, and students quickly and efficiently. The platform has been proven again and again in real-life emergency and urgent situations.

Current contact information

For edge, KAMAR & APT users, contact data is automatically synced to School-links each day, giving you peace of mind that your text messaging will reach the maximum number of participants everytime.

View our Emergency Alert overview.

Accessible from anywhere

Can’t enter the building or has a power cut taken out the wi-fi? School-links Emergency Alerts system is app and browser based so you can use your tablet or smartphone, in addition to your desktop.

Ensures everyone gets the message

Real-time delivery reports show you who did not get the message so that you can contact them by other means - perhaps email or phone.

Newlands School on using Text Alerts.

Want to learn more?

Enquire now - call 0800 333 480

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