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Seamless data synchronisation with edge
School-links edge data sync
School-links edge integration

edge data-syncs with School-links

edge data automatically syncs and integrates into the School-links communication system giving you seamless access to:

Emergency Alerts

An easy-to-use interface that allows school leaders to quickly send text alerts to staff, families, and students, from a PC or smart device, leaving them free to move through other emergency procedures.

Attendance Management - Early Notification (EN)

Quickly notify all parents about unexplained absences via text message. Parent’s replies are then read in edge. The communication archive provides senior management with communication records around truancy and attendance issues.

Newsletters & Updates

Easily share content across one or more communication channels. Select from email, text, app and Facebook. Plus, you can select hand-picked advertisers that will create an ongoing fundraising income stream for your school.

Group Messaging

All groups, year groups and classes are data-synced into the School-links platform, meaning you can easily target a specific audience.

Beep Mobile App

Beep is a fully branded school app that delivers multi-channel communications including low cost data-push, email, and text.

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Newlands School - Data sync with edge

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