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Raise funds
or receive
School-links Emergency Alerts System for

Share approved advertisements from education-centric organisations and businesses on your school Facebook page and choose from:

Option 1

Raise Funds for your School
Receive 20% of the advertising revenue.

Option 2

School-links Emergency Alerts System for FREE

Receive FREE, the proven School-links Emergency Alert System (annual licence valued at $588.00*)

In the event of an emergency, alert caregivers immediately via text, and direct them to social, email and/or app for more information.

* text message charges will apply when used.

“You have to be prepared for situations that are outside of your control.  During the police lockdown, it was so reassuring that we had School-links. We knew we’d got this and could concentrate on the situation at hand.”
Julie Dawick,

Deputy Principal at Cambridge Middle School.

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