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Are you an education-centric organisation or business looking to reach parents, caregivers and students?


Reach your audience by advertising with School-links on school Facebook pages

  • Approach the schools and early childhood centres for their approval

  • Design ad service available

  • Push out the ad once every two weeks*

  • Give back-  20% of our advertising revenue goes back to the school!

No more navigating custom audiences, demographics, regions, behaviours and interests. 94% of School-links schools use Facebook and with the majority of students, parents and caregivers following their school Facebook page, you will hit your mark every time.

* Minimum advertising time is 10 weeks.

Facebook targeting made easy.

WE do all the hard work:

  • Provide your own finished banner ad or use our inhouse design service

  • Sit back and wait for the website clicks and phone calls

  • Feel good about supporting schools and early childhood centres

YOU simply: 

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