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School-links now includes Facebook Integration

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Facebook Integration graphic

Exciting new feature for School-links schools: you can now share your communications via your school Facebook page, as well as via text and email.

Next time you visit the School-links Message Centre, you’ll see a new option. Simply tick the box to share your message to your school’s Facebook page, in addition to email and text.


  1. Your administrator can use one tool to manage all school communication platforms.

  2. School communications will be visible to all members of your Facebook group, or the wider community if a public page.

  3. Quick and easy to use. In fact, the ‘News’ option on School-links will automatically share news with your Facebook page – you don’t even need to tick the box!

  4. You can complement your Facebook posts with emails and texts to remind people to check the school Facebook page for more information, an efficient solution for weather cancellations and updates to emergency situations. All the information in one place rather than spread across a number of emails.

For further information visit your School-links portal, check your emails for the latest School-links newsletter, or contact School-links direct.


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