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School-links announces partnership with Schoolzine

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

School-links and Schoolzine, two leaders in digital communication solutions for the education sector, announce exciting New Zealand partnership, to support schools to drive parent engagement, raise student attendance and communicate rapidly in emergency situations.

School-links, a NZ market leader in school communications, today announced its partnership with Schoolzine, the world class Australian-based parent engagement platform used in over twenty countries.

School-links will offer Schoolzine’s comprehensive parent engagement platform (supported by advertising) and School-links text-based communication system (text messaging costs apply). This includes:

  • Mobile responsive eNewsletters (Advertising supported)

  • Schoolzine’s SZapp mobile app

  • Custom-built school websites

  • Session Keeper for organising parent teacher interviews

  • Emergency text alerts delivered via a special emergency channel to staff, family, and students from any smart device (text messaging costs apply)

  • Attendance text alerts sent to caregivers with replies recorded directly into student management systems for truancy management (text messaging costs apply)

“Our collaboration will contribute to both businesses further growth and development and will most importantly benefit the education sector itself. With the growing awareness of the detrimental impact of poor attendance on student achievement, as well as the increasing need for proven and reliable emergency communication with parents, texting is an integral communication tool for schools. By combining our expertise in this field with Schoolzine’s parent engagement platform that is supported by advertising, we are able to offer New Zealand schools and early childhood centres the ultimate communication solution.”

- Andrew Balfour, Managing Director of School-links.

“Schoolzine believes all schools, big or small, should have a website and newsletter platform that allows them to showcase all the great things they are doing for their students and the community. A partnership with Schoolzine means schools will now have the ability to produce fantastic-looking content and send important information with ease.”

- Dion Guthrie, Managing Director of Schoolzine.

School-links is currently advising schools across New Zealand of the exciting new partnership.

About School-links

School-links is New Zealand’s leading online communications tool for schools and early childhood centres. School-links believes in the importance of community engagement in school life and crucially in the safety and security of staff and students. They are the most experienced provider of Absence Management (Early Notification) in New Zealand, gaining Ministry of Education approval for Early Notification services in 2006. Since the devastating Christchurch earthquakes and subsequent disasters have raised awareness of the need for no-fail methods of communication in a crisis, they have also become recognised leaders in the field of Emergency Response management. ​

About Schoolzine

Schoolzine was established in Australia back in January 2007 after a chance meeting between a parent and a primary school principal, while watching their children playing football. Rather than focussing on the game at hand they began a discussion on how they could revolutionise the communications between the school and the parent community. Since day one, their philosophy has always been one of collaboration. Through regular communication and feedback from schools, over the next ten years, the platform grew into the Parent Engagement Platform. This collaborative process continues to drive their road map of development today. They now have offices across the globe supporting schools from 20+ countries in multiple different languages.

Contact Andrew Balfour,, 027 433 6067 for more information and further comment.

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