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How to download the School-links Emergency Alerts App for Android

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

This short video created by School-links demonstrates how to download the Emergency Alerts app to your Android phone or tablet.

Note: to send email and text messages using the Emergency Alerts App you will need a Master level account in School-links. You should obtain this from School-links support prior to downloading the app.

  1. To find the App open the Play Store on your device and select search.

  2. Type School-links. It is important to include the hyphen as there is another unrelated app also called ‘school links.’

  3. You will see ‘School-links Emergency Admin’ (by Devine Systems Ltd, a School-links contractor).

  4. Tap on this to proceed.

  5. Now tap on ‘install’.

  6. You now have the App and will see the sign in screen. There will also be a School-links icon on your phone.

  7. Now you can log in and get started.

If you have any questions or wish to create a Master Level account please contact School-links support.


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