Beep4Alumni available to schools


Beep4Alumni will allow schools to easily and effectively connect with past students. You can use Beep4Alumni to:

  1. Send regular newsletters

  2. Promote events and fundraisers

  3. Establish group communications for sports codes, international students

  4. Easily send notices, reminders, postponements & cancellations

Just like School-links it offers the following features:

  1. Online communication portal and app

  2. Branding for your school, university or college alumni

  3. Seamless multi-channel communication – email, text and app 2-way messaging

  4. The option to target specific groups

Best of all, send us your spreadsheet of contacts and we will set it all up for you!

The ‘Koha’ Option: set your own monthly Hosting & Licence Fee for the software and support in the form of a ‘Koha’ (donation/gift). Note: you will have to pay for any text messages sent though your portal, charged at 12c per text.

Learn more at Beep4Alumni or contact us direct.

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