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Texting integral to Central Otago school’s home communications

Roxburgh Area School, Central Otago, has approximately one hundred and fifty students from Year 1 to Year 13. A School-links client since 2018, text messaging is an integral part of their communication arsenal. Debbie Bradley Office Manager describes how they utilise School-links.

“The beauty is that there is no app required, parents have enough apps in their lives!”

Debbie Bradley, Office Manager.



“For early notification or attendance alerts, we send the text messages out within thirty minutes of the start of school. Being an Area school, we have little ones and it is important that we know where they are and that they are safe. The absences pop up, I push a button and the responses come in. We frequently remind parents in our newsletter that they must reply with a reason for why their child is absent as required by the Ministry of Education. We have also drilled the teachers to have their role complete by 9.15. It is simple and saves me a lot of time, twenty minutes a day, more during COVID and Winter cold and flu season.”

General Messaging

“We use texting for reminding parents about events, when they need to get permission slips back, for after-school practice cancellations and for updates on when school trips are due back. Text messaging is easier. We know that the messages get through and because it syncs with our SMS every group, from sports team to bus route, is transferred across to School-links.”

Emergency Management

“We have a few snow days now and again and we use School-links to alert staff and students. I have some template messages already set up so either myself, or the Deputy Principal or my offsider can simply press send using the School-links Emergency Alerts App. Sometimes, we’ll direct the community to their emails for more information. The beauty is that there is no app required, parents have enough apps in their lives!”

Debbie also rates the School-links support team highly, “They are fabulous to deal with, really down to earth and don’t make you feel silly, no matter the question.”

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