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Winter means weather closures. How will you get your message out?

Question: with winter fast approaching and extreme weather seemingly the norm these days, how are you going to contact your school community in an emergency?


Don’t rely on an app or social media. Do you know how many parents have downloaded your school app? It varies from school to school, but we estimate between only 30 and 60%. And there's no guarantees as to who will see your Facebook post.

Do use a tried and tested text-based system such as School-links with receipt rates in the high 90%s. No matter if parents have mobile data, access to wifi or credit on their phone, the alert will get through.

Do use a system that syncs with your SMS, ensuring that your contact information is up to date.

Do use a proven and reputable company with NZ-based support. Your emergency response is too important to take risks with.

As Winter approaches, ask yourself can you guarantee that parents and caregivers are going to receive your emergency communications fast and reliably, every time?


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