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Winter bugs making attendance management a nightmare?

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

School-links Early Notification (EN) System is the solution.

Step 1: Your Attendance Officer simply selects the students with an unexplained absence in your student management system (edge or KAMAR).

Step 2: your student management system (SMS) assembles a file with student names and caregiver contact details and sends it to the School-links system which distributes the EN messages via text and email. No more time wasted on the phone tracking down parents.

Step 3: Parents can quickly text a response to the alert. Text is ubiquitous, cost effective and less embarrassing then explaining over the phone that they forgot to notify the school.

Step 4: Alerts and responses are automatically recorded in your SMS. Your Attendance Officer opens the report, codes the absences, and the job is done – in a matter of minutes.

“It is a fantastic service. It saves us from having to ring everybody – it is completely automated,” - Tony Sears, Deputy Principal, Waiheke High School

The contact data in edge and KAMAR syncs automatically with School-links daily. You seriously just click a button!

Learn more or contact us for an online demo to see how easy it is for yourself!


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