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Tips for a Terrific Term 1

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

The heat is on and the pressure’s high!

We understand how busy this time of year can be and there is still plenty to do. While we’re all looking forward to getting a break during the holiday season, the team here are not going to take our foot off the gas until we get done what needs to be done.

Here are some ideas that could help you for the beginning of the new school year.

Adding pre-enrols

Did you know you can add pre-enrols to your School-links system and include them in your end-of-year/beginning of Term 1 communications? Manually add them as Caregivers or Associates and make sure you include them in the relevant groups. You’ll need to manually remove them after school starts but that’s not hard. If you need to know more please contact the helpdesk.

Update all contact data before you finish - just in case...

Update your School-links data just prior to school finishing so the most up to date data will be there if you need to send out messages over the holiday break.

Line up your pre-start messaging

There’s nothing like having students turn up on the right day and being prepared, and those pre-term communications are a great way to welcome your students and set them up for the school year.

Use the School-links app to remotely send relevant texts for the start of the new year. Remind your school community about stationery purchases/requirements, uniform shop sales/times, start dates for T1 etc, all from your mobile phone (anytime, anywhere).

If you haven’t downloaded the app, then you can still send texts or emails from your computer on the School-links portal. Log in and go to Messages > Create Message > Send a text and/or email or both.

Using Parent Interviews Module to set up Uniform Shop allocated times

For schools or centres using School-links Parent Interviews module, are you aware you could use this to set up dates and times for the Uniform Shop, and publicise it prior to the close of school? Just ask if you need more information on this.

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