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Keeping caregiver contact information up to date

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

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Your Emergency Alerts or Attendance Management system is only ever as good as your contact information.

We’ve put together three key tips which you, as a school, can implement to help ensure that parent contact details are kept up to date.

Regular reminders to caregivers

Send parents regular reminders to update their contact information using all mediums - text, email and Facebook. The beginning of a new term is a good time to do this. Including a note in regular newsletters can also be a friendly, non-invasive way to remind parents to update their contact information.

Updating group lists

At the start of the Winter / Summer sports codes, ensure that you update your team and coach lists in your SMS. Clearing out people is as important as adding new ones to make sure everyone is receiving the right message.

Make a note in your calendar to remind the Teachers-in-Charge of a sport or cultural activity to pass on the most up to date information to your administrators to upload.

Establishing close relationships

When a student enrols, make the most of the opportunity to talk to parents about how important it is to keep contact information up to date (absences, emergencies but also the good stuff - prizes!) and also how easy it is to update that information. Give them options - call the office, drop off your new details at reception, or update your contact information online yourself via the SMS if your school has that functionality. Make it easy. It is too important to let slip.


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