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Support local businesses and raise funds for your next school project

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

School fundraising

Feature business ads in your school newsletters.

It’s simple.

  1. You offer businesses the opportunity to promote themselves in the school newsletter.

  2. School-links manages the advertising designs, layout and copy.

  3. Businesses are billed monthly directly by School-links.

  4. A percentage of advertising revenue goes to the school for fund raising.

School newsletter advertising

A win-win for communities

Support from local businesses and community organisations has been an important part of school life for decades.

Businesses can now promote their goods and services to the local community via the school email newsletter. Schools raise funds for their next school project through a portion of the advertising revenue, and neighbourhood supermarkets, retailers and service providers can be seen to be supporting the local school and benefit from the goodwill of the community.

School fundraising idea

How it works

  1. Advertisers are pre-selected by each school.

  2. The advertising designs, layout and copy will then be co-ordinated and managed by the technical team at School-links.

  3. The businesses are billed directly by School-links each month based on how many newsletters and notices a school sends out.

  4. The school receives a percentage of the revenue created for fundraising.

Business advertising in school newsletters

Here’s some feedback from our customers who are currently utilising this feature.

Hillmorton high school fundraising
“We use School-links on a regular basis and were approached by Mary-Anne asking if we would like advertising placed on all our communications. This was a really simple setup – no formal contract, no cost to us and all done over the phone. We advertised University of Canterbury and Ara – all future pathways for our students. The whole process was quick, seamless and we even receive a commission for the advertising.” Karen Roberts, Office Manager, Hillmorton High School.
Linwood College fundraising
“This year School-links approached our College to see if we would be interested in placing paid educationally-relevant advertisements beneath emails sent out to our students’ parents via School-links. The plan was discussed by the School-links team in a professional and friendly manner and any questions were answered thoroughly. We signed up for the plan and it has been a success for us.” Richard Edmundson, Principal, Linwood College.
St Martins School fundraising
“St Martins School had been using School-links for some time when we were approached by Andrew and Mary-Anne about attaching advertising to our school notices. We decided to trial it and have found the process simple and more importantly, it did not mean any extra work for us. School-links found a company happy to advertise, we gave our approval and School-links did the rest. We have recently received our first commission payment which was a very nice bonus to our school budget.” Michele Stephens, Principal’s PA, St Martins School.

Get started today. Fill out the contact form or call 0800 333 480 for more information.

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