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Exporting from edge

edge has a dedicated School-links export as part of its Student Lists (from the Enrolments menu). To use this feature, follow the steps below.

You’ll need appropriate access rights in edge.

1. Login to edge as you normally do

2. Bring up the Enrolments menu by clicking on ‘Enrolments’ in the main edge menu bar

School-links edge export

3. Click the “Student Lists” option

Click on ‘Student Lists’ to bring up the ‘School-links Export’ list.

4. Click on ‘School-links Export’

edge integration export

5. Save the file

When you click on School-links Export a box will pop up asking you to Save As.

School-links edge export box

Save the file in a folder on your system that you can find later for uploading to School-links. You can add the date to the end of the filename to help with managing your data.

Save as Type should be Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values File.

You might want to create a specific folder for the data files as you can upload to School-links on a regular basis if you wish.

Warning: Do NOT open the file in Excel and then Save it. This often causes problems with Excel saving phone numbers in an incompatible format.

Remember where you saved the file and its name.

Uploading to School-links

Currently School-links needs to manually process the edge files. Please email the file to stating that it is the data file for your school in the Subject line e.g. “Data file for xyz school.”

You will receive an acknowledgement of the helpdesk ticket and an email once the file has been imported.

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