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Exporting from Assembly SMS

Assembly has a dedicated School-links export as part of its Reports feature. Follow the instructions below to export a CSV file for School-links from Assembly.

1. Select Reporting Tool from the Reports menu

Select the “Reporting Tool” option by clicking on the Reports menu then clicking Reporting Tool.

School-links Assembly Export

2. Open the External Agency Reports folder and select the School-links Export report

Open the folder tree Administration Folder » External Agency Reports Click the + button beside each folder to open that folder.

Assembly export

3. Export the report to CSV

Once the report has run, you can export it from Assembly by clicking on the Export icon in the toolbar, and choosing the CSV format.

Warning: Don’t open and then save the file in a spreadsheet application such as Excel or OpenOffice Calc. These applications can adjust the formatting of numbers and other file data, which can make the file incompatible with School-links.

If you need to manually adjust the file, please consult our helpdesk before proceeding.

Uploading to School-links

Follow our instructions for Uploading a CSV File to School-links. You will need to select Assembly from the Student Management System File Format drop down when prompted.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our helpdesk.

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