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Emergency Alerts

Lockdown, flooding, earthquake, tornado? Use School-links to contact staff, family and students in minutes from any computer or smart device.

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Attendance Management

Spending hours on the phone chasing up unexplained absences? School-links notifies caregivers in minutes and their replies are sent to the SMS automatically.

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Parent Teacher Interviews

With School-links parents receive a notification, hop online, select teachers that they want to see, at times that suit them and add notes that they’d like to discuss.

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Event Management

With School-links send details out easily, collect RSVPs automatically and never panic about cancellations or postponements.

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Newsletters and Notices

School-links delivers e-newsletters directly into parents’ inboxes saving time, money and trees!

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Kamar Integration

School-links completes the circle between your Student Management System and your community, allowing you to send and receive texts directly from KAMAR.

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Beep mobile app

Beep is the new smartphone app developed by School-links that streamlines communication between school and home.

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You can now feature business ads in your school newsletters. Schools raise funds for their next school project through a portion of the advertising revenue.

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What schools say about School-links

“Just wanted to say thank you for such a fabulous system. As a Wellington based school we found School-links an invaluable tool last week with earthquakes, floods and many parents enquiring about school closures etc. We have had great feedback from parents about how the communications from our school were excellent last week, and that they knew exactly what was going on here.”

Megan Chisholm
Office Admin, Newlands School

“...we used your system twice yesterday [November 2016 earthquake] – each time I used the app on my phone and it was so simple and effective. I am included in the text message and received it within a minute of me pressing proceed! Then I could concentrate on other matters knowing that no children would turn up at school (hopefully – and none did). Thanks again – the system was a great success for Northland School and its community.”

Jeremy Edwards
Principal, Northland School (Wellington), Te Kura o Orangi Kaupapa

Raise funds for your next school project and support local businesses

You can now feature business ads in your school newsletters. Schools raise funds for their next school project through a portion of the advertising revenue, and neighbourhood supermarkets, retailers and service providers can be seen to be supporting the local school and benefit from the goodwill of the community.

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Just enter your school’s roll size and see how much School links Early Notification System could be saving your school.

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  • Support local businesses and raise funds for your next school project

    Support local businesses and raise funds for your next school project

    You can now feature business ads in your school newsletters.   It’s simple. You offer businesses the opportunity to promote themselves in the school newsletter. School-links manages the advertising designs, layout and copy. Businesses are billed monthly directly by School-links. A percentage of …Read More

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