[WEBINAR] Capitalise on your KAMAR SMS


Capitalise on your KAMAR SMS: How to better engage parents using Early Notification

Save time and make engaging with parents easier by learning new KAMAR system operations.

Date: Wednesday, 30 March 2016 Time: 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM Presenter: Keith Mockett, School-links

Topics covered will include: • setting up the recipients in the database • the Absence Manager screen • managing the Early Notification process in Absence Manager • ideas around effective use of Early Notification • a quick look at tools that School-links provides to assist Attendance Officers


Keith Mockett, our technical advisor for School-links, has designed this webinar to give participants some tips on how to effectively and confidently use Early Notification in KAMAR. It will cover setting up the database to ensure the right people are receiving the message, and some of the traps when using Absence Manager to send out messages and process replies.

Keith has been with School-links for five years providing technical support and training to customers. He has completed hundreds of training sessions for Early Notification in all of the Student Management Systems, including KAMAR. He has also presented at a KAMAR conference on how to use Early Notification.

Please register your interest for the webinar here.

Contact the School-links team if you have any questions regarding the webinar.

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