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2016 Email Formatting Update

Term 1 has been a record one for the School-links team, successfully delivering over 1.2 million newsletters on behalf of our schools.

Term 2 is set to be even more exciting. In response to requests from our partner schools, we are now releasing new newsletter templates for schools. These provide:

  1. A professional look and feel

  2. Pre-formatting for portable devices and cell phones

  3. An array of colour options to reflect your school branding

There are many benefits of delivering newsletters via email through School-links:

  1. Ensure you get through spam filters with School-links architecture

  2. Save money – no paper or copier costs

  3. Save time – reduced administrative time

  4. Avoid students mislaying newsletters between school and home

  5. Meet today’s tech-savvy parents’ expectations

  6. Tick the environmentally friendly box

And School-links is now pleased to add ‘strengthen your brand and vision’ as another benefit of our service with our stylish newsletter templates

Call us on 0800 333 480 or fill out the contact form and start sending eye-catching, mobile-friendly newsletters at the click of a button this term.

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