Selecting an Early Notification (EN) Provider

There are only three approved EN providers in New Zealand and they all conform to the protocol established by the Ministry of Education in 2006.

This protocol sets out the rules of engagement between your Student Management system and the EN Provider. Despite this, not all EN providers are the same or offer the same services and features.

These are things to look for when choosing an Early Notification provider:

  1. Complete integration with your Student Management System. Messages go out and replies are received in, allowing efficient management of unexplained absences

  2. The ability to readily set and edit your outgoing message wording

  3. The ability to view EN batches (sent messages and replies) outside of the Student Management System via an Internet connection, allowing school management to track progress remotely without needing access to the Student Management System

  4. The ability to view archived batched going back more than two weeks

  5. The ability to search and report on notification responses relating to a specific student

  6. Training specific to the Student Management System and the education sector

  7. Support that is knowledgeable of the different Student Management Systems and how their Attendance Management systems work

  8. Both ongoing costs and the ease and expense of support. Does the EN provider have a 0800 support phone number? Do they provide EN training? At what cost?

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