School-links Spring Cleaning: 5 tips to enrich your school communications


Like any successful spring cleaning process, taking a step back and making a list of things to do is helpful.

This spring we have put together some tips and updates to help School-links users brush up on their communication techniques and streamline processes.

Current Data

Regular csv data exports enrich your general communications for both text and email messaging as it will refresh you with your parents, caregivers and student’s latest email addresses and mobile phone numbers.  We recommend you email us a file monthly or at least twice a term – some schools are sending files weekly.

  1. Go to

  2. Click ‘Help and Support’ in the top orange bar

  3. Click CSV Export Guide (right hand side)

  4. Choose your student management system

  5. Follow the simple instructions.


Emergency Text App

Incidentally, having  good data in your portal also enables you the flexibility to use the Emergency Text App (for Administrators /Senior Management staff) to send urgent text messages to any combinations of your parents, staff and students.

The app is available for both Android and Apple devices, just look for School-links (with the hyphen), and the little orange logo will show with the correct app.


Emergency message tips

A reminder for essentials to include when sending text and email messages, especially for cancellations, emergencies, lockdowns:

  1. Put your school name in both the text and email message – preferably at the beginning of the message, and sign off.

  2. For emergency text message communications it is preferable to use the Text Alert Centre.

For more tips on writing an effective text message click here.

Parent Interviews

Parent Interviews online booking system is now available.  We have partnered with Parent Interviews which uses a simple code for parents to access and book their interviews online.


If you are interested in using this facility please contact us.

Update Administrators

Now is a timely reminder to update your Administrators.

To create an Administrator:

  1. Click Users and Groups in blue bar

  2. Administrators

  3. Add new Administrator

  4. Create New Administrator

  5. Data Transfers

  6. Enable account.

To add or remove a Master please contact us.

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