School-links responds to BoT and School Leader demand for Emergency Alert Service that meets H&

Keep calm safety

School-links have recently received a significant amount of feedback on how our Emergency Alerts service is ticking the Health & Safety due diligence box, both at school and when involved in EOTC.

In response to this demand, we are offering a NEW stand-alone Emergency Alerts option for only $30/month.

Read on for why people think School-links gives School Boards and School Leaders peace of mind.

Why School-links over other services?

School-links use text

We know our stuff. Communicating via App, whilst fantastic for news and announcements, is not the answer for Emergency Alerts. Immediacy and dependability are critical and can only truly be achieved by text. Parents can fail to download the App or forget to turn on Push Notifications rendering an App unreliable.

School-links provide instant delivery reports

The School-links system also instantly creates a delivery report to identifycaregivers who have not received the alert and may need to be contacted by other means.

School-links includes an App to send the text remotely

School-links Emergency Alert service can be accessed on any PC and on any Smart Device. Crucially, in the event of an incident whilst on a school trip, or where a situation requires a school evacuation, a school leader can send a text and check delivery reports via an iOS or Android app from any smart device.

For more information on School-links’ emergency alert service visit

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