Our new parent interview system

After our recent partnership with Parent Interviews, we are pleased to advise the release of the following new features.


KAMAR Sync allows Parent Interviews to receive automatic daily updates from your school. Every time a teacher is added or changed in KAMAR, a teacher will automatically be created in Parent Interviews for them. Teachers in Parent Interviews can also be updated with their details from KAMAR, including their email address and KAMAR password.

Text Message Reminders

Schools can enable text message reminders for parents. Parents can enter their mobile phone number as they book interviews, and they’ll receive a reminder text message on the day of their interviews.

Multiple Events

Parent Interviews has no restrictions on the number of events running at one time, useful if your school splits parent teacher interviews by year group or junior/senior school students. Events can have as many dates as your school needs.

To find out more about the new Parent Interviews system, click here.

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