Keeping your School-links database up to date

Why do New Zealand school use Early Notification?

Areas which will require updating now

Students & Caregivers

One of the questions we get asked in the new year is, “what about updating last year’s data?”. If you have been uploading your data file to School-links, then you will continue to do that. The standard data upload CSV files sent into School-links will update existing data with new year levels and rooms, as well as any contact detail changes, and leavers will be identified and deleted. All you do is upload the datafile as per usual. If you entered anyone Manually into School-links, they will remain in the system. They can then be edited or deleted manually, the system will not automatically touch them.

At the start of the New Year, some schools make a change to their Class/Room names ie from Class to Room or Rm etc.  It is good housekeeping to print a list from your student management system with all Classes and/or Rooms to ensure that there are no students left behind in the Class/Room where changes have been made, also Students with no class at all.  Get all data cleaned before roll return.  Also, at this time of year – make sure all students are in the right year level i.e. Do you have Year 0 at this time of the year?  If so, that’s fine, if not then these students need to be moved to Year 1 in your Student Management System. Having all the data in the correct place helps School-links to create your new 2018 Class and Year Level groups when your CSV files come through to us.

Also remember that as far as computers are concerned “Room” is different from “Rm” and “Rm9” is different from “Rm 9”, so look out for those anomalies in your data entry as well.

If you have any support issues or need assistance with any of the above areas, have any questions or would love a chat with Kim or Keith, then contact the support desk Toll Free 0800 333 480 (then option 2), or email: They are always eager to assist.

School Staff

Remember to update teachers/staff in School-links – or you can send through a CSV/Excel File with name/mobile phone number and email address. 

This can then be uploaded for you into School-links.

Alternatively, if you would like to add/edit the staff yourself, then you can do this through logging into School-links – choose the menu option Users and Groups, use Teachers – then add a teacher/staff member (any) by pressing the ADD NEW TEACHER. You can also edit the current staff member by clicking on the EDIT to the right of their name.

All your staff in School-links can be contacted quickly using email or text via Groups, or by using the Emergency APP.

Email addresses

Did you know that School-links shows you which email addresses are “bouncing”?

What is a “bounced” email address? It is one that has been returned as being invalid, usually because the user no longer uses that address, e.g. they have moved to different internet provider or it was a work address and they have changed employer. It might also be returned because there is a typo in the address and it doesn’t match with any address.

There are a number of common ones but these include “”, it is never “” it is always “.com” for gmail, and “”, a simple typo.

So how do we tell you about these bouncing emails? We display an “Email Bouncing” indicator next to the name of the person in your School-links system. Just go into Users & Groups and say, “Caregivers” and scroll down the pages and look for the yellow indicator:

Then it is a case of using Edit to fix the mistake or, if it isn’t a typo, contacting the person to get the correct address.

Remember to update your SMS as well.


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