Why School-links?

School-links is the best system to help your school bridge the communication gap between school and home. Not only will you improve your communications, you will streamline your workflows and save time and money while doing it. We are the only provider whose focus is on the communication challenges faced by schools, and we are constantly improving and adding to our product.

Some of the Reasons for Choosing School-links

Have a look below at some of the reasons for choosing School-links. And don't just take our word for it – schools across the country use our product to great effect. Read some of their testimonials and case studies to find out how School-links helps their schools connect and communicate.

Available any time, anywhere (365/24/7)

School-links is an online application, available any time on any Internet connected device.

Robust and reliable

School-links has been through earthquakes and weather events and has delivered for our schools.

Fast messaging

Great for an emergency. School-links allows you to get your message to parents quickly, essential in an emergency.

Easy to use

School-links has an easy to use interface that allows you to do the things you want to do without fuss.

Ministry of Education Approved (Early Notification)

School-links has been approved by the Ministry of Education as an Early Notification provider. We work with the Student Management Systems.

Excellent support

School-links is supported in New Zealand by knowledgement helpful people.

Free 0800 Phone Support

School-links provides you with a toll-free 0800 number for support calls, reducing your costs and giving you ready access to knowledgeable people.

Data capture tools included

School-links provides the incentives and means for parents to update their contact details online. 

Continued development and improvement

School-links is under constant development and improvement including customer suggestions and technology improvements.

Tight integration with SMS' (Early Notification)

School-links' integration with SMS Absence Managers means you can manage you absence communications and responses all from within your SMS. Saves time and money.

Flexible, secure access for your staff

School-links has various levels of access rights that you can match up to your staff needs. 

Find out more about School-links

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