Parent-teacher Interviews

Take the pain out of Parent-Teacher interviews. School-links Parent Teacher Interviews allows parents to book their Teacher Interviews online at a time that suits them. Easy to setup for you, easy to book for them. Less stress for everyone.

Hassle-free Interview Bookings

Hassle-free Interview Bookings

Set up a Timetable

Set up a Timetable

It's easy to set up a timetable, just pick your date, times, teachers, and how long each interview will be. Then send out a message to parents.

Watch the Bookings Arrive

Watch the Bookings Arrive

Now we wait. Your parents will be delighted that they can book all their interviews at times that suit them. No more chasing paper slips.

Enjoy the Evening

Enjoy the Evening

When it's time to go interviewing, just print out your booking timetable from School-links, and pour yourself a cup of coffee.

Book any time, anywhere

Parents can book at any time from any internet-connected device. Bookings are confirmed at the time they are made, and parents can make changes when it suits them.


Manage from Anywhere

Teachers and staff can manage the bookings from any internet-connected device. No more pieces of paper, no more children running here and there. It's managed, when and where it needs to be.


Better Attendance, Less Hassles

With people making and managing their own bookings you will have better attendance at the interviews, and fewer hassles – for everyone. A better result for everyone.


Features at a Glance

  • Online booking for interview times
  • Secure portal for parents to book interviews
  • Teacher access for viewing times and printing
  • Optional teacher control for bookings and break times
  • Administrator overview and print function
  • Flexible timetables
  • Customisable interview duration
  • Restrict timetables to certain teachers only
  • Connect timetables spanning multiple days
  • Email booking confirmations and notifications

What are you waiting for?

Instant online bookings are just a few clicks away!

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