Newsletters & Notices

Spending hours battling the photocopier only to see your hard work end up crumpled in a school bag or flying around the playground is a thing of the past with School-links News and Notices. School news goes out by email and text message, and information gets directly to the people who need it.

Newsletters: There's a better way

Newsletters: There's a better way

Throw Away the Photocopier

Throw Away the Photocopier

Say no to paper jams and empty toner. Say yes to saving time and money. Upload your newsletter or write it online, and hit broadcast.

Get Past the Spam Folders

Get Past the Spam Folders

Over 75% of email is spam - don't get caught out. We constantly tune School-links to ensure messages deliver to inboxes, not spam folders.

No More Bag Hunts

No More Bag Hunts

Parents get the news straight away. It's not left in a desk, or found weeks later crumpled at the bottom of a bag.

Saves Time, Money, and the Planet!

Using the School-links news broadcast system enables you to distribute newsletters and notices to everyone with a few clicks. You'll save lots of time and money. It's planet-friendly too!


Better Technology, Better Results

In-house email systems are susceptible to blacklisting, spam filtering, and other barriers to getting your message delivered. School-links delivers hundreds of thousands emails every month so we work hard to ensure your messages get through. Don't get into a fight with your technology, use ours!


Better Communications, Happy Parents

Because School-links is so easy to access you'll be able to get Newsletters and Notices out in good time in a format that parents like. Better communications mean better compliance, attendance, and engagement of students and their families.


It's Available!

School-links is an online service that is always available. We're in the cloud, in state of the art data centres, backed by some pretty cool technology to keep us running 24/7. No need to get into your office to communicate.


Features at a Glance

  • Two clicks to broadcast to entire school
  • Send email newsletters or notices
  • File attachment facility for sending PDFs or documents
  • Robust email architecture with constant monitoring of spam reputation
  • Brand exposure with school logo and motto
  • Online portal for reading news
  • Publication control - keep private until ready to send


What are you waiting for?

Start saving time and money with School-links today!

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