Group Messaging

Every school revolves around groups – from individual classes and subjects, through to sports teams, music groups, clubs and school trips. School-links Group Messaging makes it super simple to keep everyone updated and in the loop by text – which means no more grumpy parents waiting at the gate.

Cancellations with School-links

Cancellations with School-links

Select Groups and Send

Select Groups and Send

Once you've set up your groups in School-links, all you need to do is select the teams whose games are cancelled, and type a quick note.

Parents Get the Message in Minutes

Parents Get the Message in Minutes

Instead of waiting for the radio message or phoning around, parents (or students) get the message within a few minutes, straight to their phones.

Keep Warm!

Keep Warm!

You won't have grumpy parents waiting out in the cold. Instead, they'll be inside where it's nice and warm - and so will you!

Everyone's in the Loop

No more grumpy parents waiting at the gate, no more never-ending phone calls, no more stress. Write your message, select your target, one more mouse click and everyone's informed.


Accessible From Anywhere

School-links is an online service so you can get the message out from anywhere and any device with an internet connection. Great for sports cancellations, broken down buses, meeting/event reminders etc.


Consistent and Useful Data

Using your data in School-links means everyone's using the same phone numbers and email addresses. Parents can login and update their details and it's available immediately. You can have as many groups as you like and you can include people outside of the school such as coaches.


Features at a Glance

  • Send messages by text or email
  • Receive replies directly in School-links
  • Create unlimited number of groups
  • Send messages to multiple groups at once
  • Allow end users to join groups themselves
  • Allow certain users to send messages to group
  • Maintain audit trail of communications
  • Attach files to email communications
  • Branded with your school logo and motto

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