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AdmINNOVATION at SEO Conference 2015

July, 2015

During the Term 2 school holidays, School Executive Officers congregated at Hamilton to reflect on the topic of innovation in administration (or ‘adminnovation’). The theme of the conference centred around breaking free of current administration mind-sets and being open to new, smarter and more efficient ways of delivering quality education. As part of his commitment […]

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Avoid the embarrassment of a mass email blunder

March, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, was left red faced after hundreds of students received incorrect acceptance letters. 800 prospective students received an email congratulating them on their enrolment offer to a very select program. This was followed up several hours later with a retraction email and apology stating […]

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Message Delivery Failed

The risk of having incorrect parent contact information

February, 2015

There have been a few instances in the news lately where the importance for maintaining up to date contact information for parents has been highlighted. In these cases, schools have tried unsuccessfully to get in touch with parents when their child has failed to turn up to school. Most schools have a system in place […]

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Our October Tech Tip

October, 2014

EN Student Report For schools actively managing students with attendance issues and using School-links for their Early Notification we offer a very useful tool. When it’s time to look at the communications with caregivers regarding the student’s attendance many of the Student Management Systems (SMS) don’t provide the information you need. Using our ‘EN Student […]

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Our new parent interview system

October, 2014

After our recent partnership with Parent Interviews, we are pleased to advise the release of the following new features. KAMAR Sync KAMAR Sync allows Parent Interviews to receive automatic daily updates from your school. Every time a teacher is added or changed in KAMAR, a teacher will automatically be created in Parent Interviews for them. […]

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Selecting an Early Notification (EN) Provider

May, 2014

There are only three approved EN providers in New Zealand and they all conform to the protocol established by the Ministry of Education in 2006. This protocol sets out the rules of engagement between your Student Management system and the EN Provider. Despite this, not all EN providers are the same or offer the same […]

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Beckenham School was closed on Wednesday, 5th March, due to heavy flooding

Avoid being flooded with calls during a natural disaster

March, 2014

Christchurch schools have yet again been reminded of the importance of having a communication plan in place for emergencies and natural disasters. Last Wednesday many Christchurch children awoke to see their neighbourhood flooded as a result of excess rain in the region. Upon seeing their street turned into a river many had just one hopeful […]

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Growing parent engagement

December, 2013

Over the last few years, technology has given us the ability and tools to communicate with each other more easily and in a multitude of different ways. This has allowed schools to go from having a paper newsletter that gets delivered once a week via the bottom of a school bag (more or less crumpled), […]

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